Oceanburg central station explosion emergency in downtown

There was an explosion in downtown oceanburg central station , which may cause serious injuries  .  fire truck and aiders came and help evacuating the crowd .

fire fighters came here and helping

fire fighters came here and helping

Joe Smith , a barista in Starbucks , claimed he heard a big explosive sound just before  people were aware of the emergency . Everybody there was told to get out of there .

There was construction workers cutting the metal wall with blowtorches when they cut it into a propane tank in a fast food outlet . Because of the sprinkler system was disabled during construction , a fire instantly spread and became to a explosion . This crisis made one construction worker and 6 people injured and they were sent to a hospital called “Sebreeze”.

All the trains at Creak Avenue Station were terminated , and Smith street was also moved to alternate routes .

smoke around the station

smoke around the station

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Assignment #3 : Express Selfies at Metrotown for massive prize

An “ Express Your Selfie Contest ” now has started on March 10 and will close on March 22

at metroplis at Metrotown in Burnaby . All the participators are asked to share their selfies

on Instagram or Twitter with #myselfiemystyle for a chance to win daily prize and $1000

shopping spree as grand prize . Stop by Grand Court and check out our massive interactive

“Selfie Wall”. The Wall, which measures 50 feet by 19 feet, houses five 70-inch LCD

screens that live stream moderated customer photos uploaded to Twitter or Instagram

using the hashtag #myselfiemystyle .  Customers who upload a photo will also be

entered for a chance to win daily gift card prizes and a grand prize .

The huge poster at metrotown

The huge poster at metrotown

From this event , it is not difficult to see that taking

selfie nowadays has become an extreme popular

thing for almost everybody for sharing personalities

and styles . We see tons of selfies daily on many

most popular social communication websites , such

as Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram . It even has

been a quite easy and simple way for people to

entertain and communicate with each other by

simply upload a self-photo .

“ It would be really fun to win the prize by upload a selfie because I am a huge fan of

selfie .I take selfie almost every single day and upload it online , and this will be super easy

for me to win the prize .” said a random customer .

“ I don’t know since what time that selfie became much popular , but I do see so many

people take images of themselves and show them through websites as a daily habbit . Even

though I’m not so interested in that .” said another customer who doesn’t seem like love

selfie but still admit that selfie now is much popular .

In my personal opinion , since the directors permitted to organize this contest , they know

exactly how many benefits they could get from it , such as revenue and popularity . As

some people say , selfie now has become super popular in the society whether you like it or

not . In this fast-paced society , people use selfie as a fastest and simplest way to show

their emotion to others , that is why selfie got super popular .

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A Special apparel Exhibition in Vancouver

As a famous retail store and a fashion apparel Inc , HAVEN is always considered a

endsville store to all Japanese fashion fans in Canada . With numerous cooperative

relationships and connections , HAVEN has been playing the role of spreading oversea

fashion styles and concepts to more and more Canadian people for many years and still

keep doing it . It is like a bridge between people and another culture .


As a current event , HAVEN is organizing a Visvim Autumn Winter truckshow on 7th and

8th of March 2015 . visvim is a famous Japanese apparel brand which has been

synonymous with high-quality since the first appearance of it in the Japanese street-wear

scene in 2000. Hiroki Nakamura , Designer and director , is also the founder of visvim .

It began it’s operations producing footwear,which still keep highly sought after in the

Japanese fashion field . As the brand continuing to progress, the same mix design principles

of old-world craftsmanship meets current technology was applied to clothes and accessory

pieces. It also takes inspirations from traditional sources in workwear and folk wear with a

nod to Native American designs . visvim , established a highly recognizable and

desirable aesthetic worldwide , is a brand with its own style and pride .

Front door of HAVENSHOP Vancouver store

Front door of HAVENSHOP Vancouver store


I am so honered to be invited by  HAVEN crew as

a guest customer of this exclusiveexhibition ,  with

the opportunity to view the upcoming Autumn

Winter 2015 collectionand the ability to pre-order

specific piece . My personal opinion is that this is like

a uniqueopportunity for more people to know more

about this amazing foreign  brand  and

another fashion art culture .

On the other hand , this truckshow is more like a sign , which  shows a tendency that

the Japanese fashion field is aware of the raisingpotential that Japanese fashion is being

morepopular in Canada ; furthermore , this is theautumn winter 2015 exhibition , which

alsomeans that they even put  their latest exclusiveworks . Therefore , this truckshow

istaking place with so much attention the brand havepaid to Canadian fans .

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Assignment 1 : the factors that impact and support the transit referendum

Since the BC premier Christy Clark claimed that a referendum would take place as a new potential revenue source , this plan has become a hot social issue . The referendum  is a public vote which is depends on residents ‘ wills on transportation funding measures identified by the Metro Vancouver Mayor’s council .

The reason of making this transportation referendum is in order to make a strategic  investment for the region livability , because Metro vancouver is currently facing a series of issues , including economic growth and substantial regional population , which are the major reasons  that made Metro Vancouver proceeded  the transportation plan . Although the goal of transportation referendum plan is for making BC transportation system work more efficiently , the citizens in BC are not all happy with this plan .


Jenna , who personally has the negative opinion with the extra payment (Frank Zhang )

Following the findings of a  public canvass , an undoubted conclusion could be drawn , which tells that the majority of the interviewees showed negative emotions to this ongoing plan . The reason that an interviewee Jenna claimed why they dislike this plan is definately about the extra payment .

From the explaination of the transportation referendum plan we can see that the 0.5 per cent ” dedicated regional tax ” had been pitched by the mayor as a fairest and affortable funding source ; however , this tax including a vehicle levy and carbon tax which is not fair to drivers . On the other hand , the average of this tax is approximately going to be $125 per year and costs the poorest residents another $50 , that is the reason why so many interviewees claimed that this is an extra burden on their heavy living costs .


The interviewee Jack did not feel so confident with the performance of BC transportation. ( Frank Zhang )

Another major reason why citizens dislike this plan is that they are not so confident if the Translink can incrediblely make sure that the transportation projects will be diong efficiently claimed by one of these interviewees Andrew

; also , many citizens are still confused with “how the mayors spent the funds” before they start voting for the extra tax . In the meanwhile , only few opinions from the interviewee Daisy


Daisy , the interviewee that were okay with the transit plan and the extra payment ( Frank Zhang )

claimed that they would vote YES for the transit referendum said one  reason for their decisions , which was fully believe that the plan will definately improve the transportation condition . Furthermore , there were even interviewees claimed that they would vote Yes because they didn’t really care about the tax and the upcoming changes .



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Three ideas

1. Something in my childhood that affected me a lot

2. Something really interesting to everyone

3. Something just happened recently

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About Frank Zhang

Hi , I’m Shunyao  Zhang , but just call me Frank  . I’m originally from China . I suppose to register for the Broadcast & Media full time program ,but  before  that , I have to finish this course first . In terms of I am still a institute student , I currently have no the background about Journalism .

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